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September, 2015 Update: Payment Terminal Upgrade Progress

Merchant Card Services is upgrading as many credit card terminals as possible by October 1. New terminals are required for terminal and point-of-sale merchants, in order to support the Europay, MasterCard, and Visa standard used globally. EMV employs a microprocessor chip in the payment card to generate dynamic data for each transaction, which is less likely to be reused fraudulently. EMV is sometimes referred to as “chip and PIN” because you must enter a PIN for every in-person transaction—whether you pay with a credit or debit card.

We’re providing new VeriFone VX520 terminals and VX805 PIN pads; this equipment can process credit and debit payments whether customers wave, tap, or swipe their cards. The VX520 also supports Apple Pay and Google Wallet. Merchants may also use a cellular (but not wifi) terminal.

Merchant Card Services provides training, job aids, and reference guides when we upgrade terminals. We've fewer than 200 merchants remaining to update.


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