General Liability

The Public Liability and Board Legal Liability self-insurance programs were established in 1976; since 1990 both have been supplemented by the purchase of commercial excess insurance above our self-insured retention.

The Public Liability self-insurance plan covers liability claims.  For the University to be legally liable for property damage or bodily harm to third parties, the University and/or its faculty or staff must be negligent in causing or allowing the harm to occur.  The Public Liability plan does not have medical payment (no-fault) benefits. Public liability claims against the University fall under the protection of the Illinois Court of Claims, where the maximum recoverable amount is $100,000 per person.

The Board Legal Liability self-insurance plan covers the University of Illinois from liability arising from alleged claims of civil rights violations, sexual harassment, discrimination, ADA violations, employment practices, wrongful termination, retaliation, and other claims that may be filed in the federal court system.  In addition, coverage extends to directors, officers, and employees who may be individually named in these claims.

Who to Ask

For questions about Public and Board Legal Liability contact: