Computer Insurance

Risk Management administers a Computer Insurance Plan that can cover computers and other electronic equipment.  This coverage is not automatic.  Units must contact Risk Management if they want to participate in this plan.

Description of Computer Self-Insurance Plan

  • This plan works much like traditional insurance that covers fire, theft, vandalism, wind, water, and so on.  The coverage does not apply to loss caused by normal wear and tear or mechanical breakdown, however it would cover a computer that is accidentally dropped. The System has approved this method of self-insuring university-owned computers. 
  • A $500 per occurrence deductible applies. 
  • The premium charged is based upon the value of the computer(s) or other electronic equipment being insured. In addition, we can provide "trip" coverage for equipment. This is generally intended for short-term trips and will provide coverage anywhere in the world. The coverage is intended to either repair or replace your computer with one of like, kind, and quality limited only by the value you assigned. If you value your computer for $3,000 and it costs $4,000 to replace it, we will only pay $3,000 less the deductible. If you had insured it for $4,000, we would pay $4,000 less the deductible.

Equipment/Computer Coverage Request

Please use the Insurance Request for Equipment Computers or Electronics (MS Word) to request coverage.

Who to Ask

For questions about computer insurance, contact: