Treasury Operations

The Office of Treasury Operations serves the University of Illinois System and all its universities from our offices in Urbana, Illinois. Our team provides services that closely resemble that of a corporate treasury department. Our focus is managing and coordinating banking relationships, treasury services, debt issuance, card services, and insurance programs.

Our primary areas of responsibility include: Cash Management, Capital Financing, Risk Management, i-card Programs, Agricultural Property Services, Merchant Card Services, Tax Compliance and Analysis, and Investments.

Read the Treasury Operations Annual Report (PDF) to learn how each unit contributes. That, along with our Organization Chart (PDF), helps show more of how our operations impact quality of life across the academic and business life of the System.  

Peter Newman

Peter Newman, CFA

Associate VP Treasury Operations

Dr. Newman has 23 years of investment management experience. He has managed the System’s assets and liabilities for 15 years and provides leadership on asset allocation, manager selection, board communications, and policy for the University System’s investment program. He assists with credit rating agency presentations, financial modeling, and oversees the System’s debt strategy. Dr. Newman also provides leadership on insurance programs, cash management, tax strategy, and credit card processing.

Prior to leading Treasury, he established the i-card Programs Office, creating the first comprehensive small-dollar cash program and recreation access system. He began his career as an entrepreneur while completing a PhD at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. He formed a marketing research firm, established a real estate investment business, and financed a dance academy. Dr. Newman is a CFA Charterholder.