Merchant Card Services

University of Illinois units process over one million credit card transactions totaling nearly $100 million annually. This volume is in addition to $18 million in credit card transactions processed for student account receivables. Department merchants process payments through traditional credit card terminals, point-of-sale systems, and web-based credit card processing.

Merchant Card Services is responsible for all payment card transactions accepted for the sale of goods and services by all entities within the University of Illinois System. We provide payment card acceptance that serves all universities, regional sites, and Extension offices. We act as the liaison between merchants and the University of Illinois' credit card processor.  This includes services such as: enrolling new merchants, consulting with existing merchants, and providing training and education on payment card processing. 

Merchant Card Services also manages compliance to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, an industry-wide program designed to help increase the security of payment card processing.

Merchant Card Services is located in Urbana.