Office of Treasury Operations, i-card Programs

i-card Programs

i-card Programs bears the name of the primary identification card used in the University of Illinois System. Our responsibilities and services extend further than i-cards. We oversee and support the production of all identification devices at all universities in the System. We coordinate the ID card programs and services, collaborating with the many units that use IDs for service authorization. We are the authoritative source for all identifying device data, including photos and the appearance, encoding, and graphic design of identifying devices. We generate all University Identification Numbers (UINs), and we oversee the student banking program.

This site focuses on products and services for units, to meet their operational and business needs, as follows:

Our cardholder site,, covers how to get an i-card or ID, card services, and student banking. It also provides basic UIN information and a Find Your UIN tool for individuals.