University Identification Numbers

University Identification Numbers (UINs) are the primary elements used to identify persons across the entire U of I System—for all its universities, locations, and programs, forever.  i-card Programs is the data owner of UINs. We determine what data is needed to generate UINs, and we generate, assign, and maintain them. Our database—not Banner—has the sole store of all UINs. Our Help Desk handles all research and data entry for UIN generation.

UINs are created for one, two, or all three of these reasons:

  • To create an electronic record in University of Illinois records systems.
  • To request a NetID.
  • To request a university ID card.

Who does and doesn't need a UIN

Not everyone needs a UIN. For example:

  • You may already have a UIN, and all UINs are assigned permanently.  The Who Gets a UIN page lists the affiliates for whom UINs are generated automatically as well as others for whom we create or assign matched UINs. You can look up your UIN in many cases.
  • You do not need a UIN to order transcripts if you never had a UIN. UINs were not issued before 1996. You can order transcripts using your Social Security number instead of a UIN.

Read our UIN creation and lookups page to learn how to request a UIN or a UIN lookup. 

Please note: UIN assignment does not authorize or entitle a person to receive any services. Each UIN is the property of the University of Illinois, and the use and governance of UINs are at its discretion, within the parameters of the law.