Who Gets a UIN

i-card Programs creates UINs for anyone who needs an electronic record in any University of Illinois information records system. UINs are also created for purposes other than identifying persons. For example, a non-person UIN is created for each department card, so that departments can easily provide services to its trusted users.

i-card Programs is responsible for ensuring that each UIN is assigned to only one person or record and that each person or record is assigned only one UIN. UINs are always generated for:

  • Persons who apply for admission
  • Enrolled students in degree programs
  • Paid employees
  • Students at the Noble Street Charter School
  • Students at the University Laboratory High School ("Uni High")
  • Affiliates who arrange for Campus Recreation membership
  • Persons who need NetIDs

UINs may be assigned to other affiliated persons that include, but are not limited to:

  • Students not seeking degrees
  • Visiting faculty and guest lecturers
  • Faculty and staff retirees
  • Participants in University-sponsored programs
  • Alumni
  • Employees of official University Related Organizations
  • Others as needed or deemed appropriate for the University of Illinois and that person