The Claims Management office located in Urbana is responsible for the investigation, evaluation and handling of claims against the University of Illinois made by UI students and employees and the general public for personal injury and property damage on the Urbana-Champaign and Springfield campuses. Use the UIUC Public Injury/Property Damage Report (PDF) to report an injury or property damage.

Auto Claims

This office is also responsible for evaluating and recording auto claims and forwarding those claims to Central Management Services. These claims must arise from accidents that occurred at a time when University/system employees or students were operating system, rental, or personal vehicles while performing state or system business. For more information about the insurance coverage that is available to system employees while performing state or university business, see the three "Report an Accident" topics in Section 15 - Travel of OBFS Policies and Procedures.

Who to Ask

Workers' Compensation and Claims Management; WorkComp@illinois.edu or 877-866-4067

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