Data Access

In order to receive access to our data, units must establish an employee to serve as a “Data Security Administrator” (DSA) for i-card Programs’ data. A DSA is an active employee (not extra help or a student) who is attentive and responsible; having a technical or leadership role is not required. This page outlines the process followed to establish and renew a DSA’s term for new or continued data access.

Establish a New DSA

To establish a new or changed Data Security Administrator, identify who in your unit will serve as the DSA. Then, that intended DSA must email i-card Programs’ Help Desk from their university email account. Include the unit name, what information it needs, and why that data is needed. We will reply with any questions and provide the needed form(s) and instructions.

Renew a DSA's Term for New Applications

This method applies only to DSAs who manage access to User Entry Reports and/or Request TCN.

Part 1: DSA online renewal

  1. Read our Data Security Terms and Conditions.
  2. Log in to our secure applications at
  • If you have access only to the Manage User Access application, its “My Groups” page displays immediately.
  • If you have access to multiple applications, the My Applications page displays, and you must select Manage User Access first.
  1. Click on “My DSA Information.” Each user group that you manage is displayed. (Most DSAs currently manage only one group.)
  2. Click on the “Renew my access” button for your group(s). This action indicates you have agreed to our terms and conditions and it generates an email to you and your DDDH instructing your DDDH to complete your term renewal.

Part 2: DDDH renewal and approval

  1. Watch your university email account for an email from i-card Programs about your DSA renewal.
  2. Read our Data Security Terms and Conditions online. Do not exit that page.
  3. Copy the Terms Agreement Statement text, given after the conditions.
  4. Open a new email to
  5. Paste the “Terms Agreement” text into your email, sign the email including your unit's name, and send the email.

Part 3: Help desk review

Our Help Desk staff monitors our inbox for the receipt of both the DSA’s and supervisor’s agreement emails. We check that both are complete and correct. When all required information is present, we renew the DSA’s term. An email record of each DSA renewal is mailed to the DSA, their supervisor (DDDH), and to our Help Desk.

Part 4: DSA user group maintenance

Please note: Only a DSA’s application access is renewed when they renew their term! DSAs for colleagues who use our Request TCN or User Entry Reports applications must manage this access themselves, using Manage User Access. User documentation for Manage User Access is available at

Renew a DSA's Term for Legacy Applications (and Other Data Access Methods)

This renewal process is not automated. You will receive emails from our Help Desk account.

Part 1: DSA renewal and DDDH renewal and approval

Part 2: Help Desk review

For DSAs who have permission to manage application access, we renew only the DSA’s application access. We update our client records, and email the DSA that their term is renewed and indicate their term expiration date.

Part 3: DSA renews or requests renewal of application access.

Only the DSA’s application access is renewed when they renew their term. DSAs are responsible for requesting renewed access to applications for their users by emailing with a list of user UINs and names. Some DSAs are permitted to use Manage Legacy Application Access to directly control user access, as follows:

  • DSAs for Campus Recreation at Chicago and Urbana may manage access to their unit’s DCR queries and Recreation Members applications.
  • DSAs for Chicago Campus Recreation may also manage access to the UIN Request and UIN Request Status applications they use for their location patrons.
  • DSAs for other units whose queries cannot display Social Security numbers may be permitted to manage their unit’s query access.

Contact if you have any questions.