To report work-related incidents:

  1. Immediately report accident/incident to supervisor
  2. Promptly seek medical care as needed
  3. Thoroughly complete and sign the First Report of Injury/Illness

1. Contact Your Supervisor

An employee who is injured on the job must inform the employer promptly. Any delay in notifying the employer can delay the payment of benefits. A delay of more than 45 days may result in the loss of all benefits. Notice to a fellow worker who is not a supervisor or otherwise a part of management is not considered notice to the employer.

2. Medical Care

This section is currently under construction.

3. Complete First Report of Injury/Illness

An employee must thoroughly complete and sign the First Report of Injury/Illness (PDF) form within 24 hours and fax (217-244-5152) or email it to the Workers' Compensation Office ( See the Procedures and Responsibilities page for more information.