University Identification Numbers (UINs)

UINs are created to establish an electronic record for persons that are unique and permanent across the entire U of I System—all its universities, locations, and programs.  A UIN is required in order to request a NetID or a university ID card. i-card Programs determines what data is needed to generate UINs, and we generate, assign, and maintain them.

UIN assignment does not authorize or entitle a person to receive any services. Each UIN is the property of the University of Illinois, and the use and governance of UINs are at its discretion, within the parameters of the law.  

UIN lookups

If you only need to know your own UIN, you may be able to look it up yourself.  Use the Find Your UIN lookup if you're certain the university has your Social Security number or Temporary Control Number on record.

Who may request a UIN

No one can request a UIN on his own behalf. We create UINs at the request of current, non-student employees of UIC (including UI Health) and authorized employees of Woolcott, Wood, and Taylor.  You may not request a UIN directly from us in two cases:

  • Are you hiring a new or former employee, student, or student applicant?  Don't request a UIN from us. The HR Front End ("HRFE") system for onboarding employees automatically triggers UIN generation or retrieval.
  • Do you need to obtain an Urbana or Springfield NetID for an external affiliate?  Instead of requesting a UIN directly from our office, you must use the AITS Affiliate NetID Manager service.

How to request a UIN

Do not use PDF forms our unit previously has released and do not fax requests. These are the three ways to request UINs:

  • Online. Log in at to use submit a request to our Help Desk inbox.
  • Web application. UIC and UI Health units may obtain access to a secure web application.  Contact our Help Desk for more information.
  • Email form for large requests. Contact our Help Desk if you need UINs for five or more people at one time.

Allow two business days for initial responses. For faster turnaround, provide full legal names and conduct a thorough check for affiliations. Read  About University Identification Number Requests (PDF) and learn what you can do to ensure the quickest turnaround for your requests. All requests are processed on a first-in, first-out basis.