Tax Compliance and Analysis

The mission of our unit is to manage tax and other business-related issues, protect the System's exempt status, and ensure compliance with relevant laws and rules.

This mission is accomplished by providing the following services and support to the universities and system offices:

  • Conduct research and provide consultation
  • Identify, assess, quantify, and document issues and current or potential tax exposure and risk (such as compliance, financial, or public relations risk)
  • Develop tax planning strategies
  • Ensure that the system's tax exempt status is not jeopardized
  • Assist the system in identifying and realizing the benefit of all exemptions available
  • Promote awareness, interest, and tax compliance
  • Function as the system's liaison with federal, state, and local authorities
  • Prepare for potential audits
  • Coordinate timely submissions of various system filings
  • Keep current with new and changed rules
  • Ensure the accuracy and validity of all information distributed

See Section 18 - Taxes, of the OBFS Policies and Procedures manual for additional tax information.

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