Contactless Devices

Contactless cards, key fobs, and devices don't need to be swiped through a reader to authorize a cardholder. Simply tapping or waving a contactless device near its reader initiates authorization.

All contactless cards and devices must be ordered from i‑card Programs. Similarly, if your building or unit is installing any contactless door access, contact us immediately. There are special considerations and additional costs associated with these devices for which departments must prepare.

Seos (Secure) Proximity Cards

Beginning December 2020, all i‑cards are printed using HID Seos cardstock with built‑in proximity capabilities. University departments and units currently have the option to upgrade to Seos readers for their buildings to provide additional security and accessibility features:

  • Mobility. Seos is software-based and independent of the underlying hardware chip—this offers new levels of form factor flexibility, including use on mobile devices, smart cards, tags, and more.
  • Security. Best-in-class cryptography offers unrivaled data and privacy protection.
  • Applications. Seos can be extended for use on applications beyond physical access control.

Seos i‑cards are backwards-compatible with legacy systems currently in use. However, we encourage departments to contact us about upgrading their readers to take advantage of the Seos system's enhanced security features.

Key Fobs

Occasionally, using an ID card is not feasible or advisable. For example, a police officer may need fast entry to a building—and not with another key or card. Contact i‑card Programs to request proximity key fobs.


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