Workers' Compensation

A University of Illinois employee with a compensable illness or injury arising out of and in the course and scope of their employment duties may be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits.  Workers’ compensation insurance includes four types of benefits: disability, medical care, rehabilitation, and survivor.

Workers' Compensation and Claims Management is responsible for the investigation and management of the workers' compensation claims for all University of Illinois System employees who are injured on the job. This responsibility includes employees of statewide Cooperative Extension Service, Rockford and Peoria medical schools, and those on the U of I payroll working at remote locations.

Employees working outside of Illinois

Units across the system may conduct business outside Illinois. Examples include, but are not limited to, opening new locations, allowing employees to work remotely (even if on a temporary basis), and conducting off-site teaching or research activities. Several U.S. states do not accept the system's workers' compensation plan, requiring the purchase of commercial workers' compensation insurance.

See OBFS Policies and Procedures section 1.5.1 How to Conduct Business Outside the State of Illinois for additional requirements before your unit conducts business out of state.

Who to Ask

For questions about Workers’ Compensation benefits or claims, contact:

For questions about workers' compensation in U.S. states other than Illinois, contact:

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