Frequently Asked Questions

Q: The University is self-insured, right? 
A:  Yes, for liability only. The Office of Risk Management administers the University of Illinois Liability Self-Insurance Plan (SIP). This plan may provide coverage for losses such as slips, trips and falls, allegations of copyright infringement; employment practice-type claims, and so forth, subject to the terms and conditions of the SIP. However, the SIP does not include property insurance for university buildings, contents, or leased and rented equipment.

Q: How do I acquire a certificate of insurance? 
A:  Visit Business and Financial Policies and Procedures page 6.21 Provide Proof of Liability Insurance and choose the correct request form for your situation. If you’re not sure which request you need, refer to the decision tree document, Determine which Proof of Insurance Form to Use (PDF).

Q: What are the limits of coverage and applicable policy number for the Medical Professional Liability program affiliated with the University of Illinois system? 
A: The system's policy and limits are as follows:

  • Name of Carrier:  University of Illinois Self Insurance Plan, c/o Office of Risk Management
  • Policy Number: UI-SIP-001
  • Policy Limits: $1 million per occurrence, $3 million in the aggregate
  • Type of Policy: Occurrence

If proof of coverage is required, submit a Request for Proof of Medical Professional Liability Coverage form. Written authorization is required from a provider when requesting proof of medical professional liability claims history.


Q:  As system-owned property, are the PCs and laptops in my department automatically insured and covered for damage, theft, and so forth? 
A:  Yes, but coverage is subject to a high deductible. However, Risk Management administers a computer insurance plan that can cover computers with lower deductibles.  This coverage, though, is not automatic.  A University unit must contact Risk Management if it wants to insure computer equipment.


Q: Our department is planning an event in which the public will participate.  Should we have participants sign any type of release? 
A:  Read our Acknowledgement of Risk and Release of Responsibility page.

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Q: What is my responsibility when it comes to reporting damage done to a University vehicle or harm done to someone else by a University vehicle? What about leased or rented vehicles? 
A:  Report all vehicle accidents even if damage is not noticeable for any vehicle(s) or person(s) involved. See OBFS Policy and Procedures Section 15.3 Report an Accident for requirements.

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 Q: Can my rights to drive a University vehicle be revoked? 
A:  Yes. Both the state of Illinois and the system have the right to suspend or revoke an employee's eligibility to drive a university motor vehicle  when an employee is deemed high risk.

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Q: I am a board member on an outside entity. Does the University insure me for a liability claim made against me while serving on that board? 
A:  You may have some coverage from the system for board service related to the University of Illinois' mission. However, there are caveats and considerations of which you must be aware. We urge you to ask the non-profit entity up front about what type of insurance protection they offer to their board members. Their coverage, if any, will be your primary source of defense and indemnity. You may also consult with your personal insurance agent for coverages that may be applicable.

If you have asked and received permission from your unit executive to serve on a non-profit board, and it is related to the university’s mission and/or serves its interests, the system would provide you coverage upon exhaustion of the non-profit’s and/or your personal insurance. The coverage provided to you by the system is subject to all the terms, limits, conditions, and exclusions of its liability self-insurance plan.

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