i-cards and Affiliate ID Cards

All of these IDs can be associated with university services. Only the eligibility and process for receiving each differs.


The i‑card is the primary University of Illinois System identification card; it represents a formal, ongoing relationship within the system. Current students, faculty, and staff are eligible to get an i‑card. System and university retirees may also be eligible.

Visitor IDs

Guest scholars, recreation members, and others may receive visitor cards. However, units must request them; you cannot request one for yourself. Contact an ID enter for more information. Visitors must have a University Identification Number in order to get an ID; see UIN Creation and Requests for details.

Extra Help IDs

Extra Help workers who need an ID card for building access, time clock entry, or other job functions may be issued this ID. Only units may request Extra Help cards. Contact your local ID Center to learn more.


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