Ownership and Use of Devices and Data

All University of Illinois i-cards and identifying devices are University of Illinois property, under the purview of i-card Programs. As such, they are intended only for identification for university and System services.

i-card Programs is the authoritative source for all identifying device data, including the photos of identified persons and the appearance, encoding, and graphic design of identifying devices.

We cannot guarantee content or data elements of i-cards or other identifying devices will not change. We encourage units to contact and work with us when developing applications that use device data.

It is possible—and preferable—to have one identifying device support many different services for different units. The University's intent is to minimize the number of physical cards or devices a person needs in order to access University services. This one-card mission promotes operational efficiencies, and builds cooperation, while also reducing costs.

We strongly encourage units to use electronic verification to confirm the identity and service eligibility of persons who present an identifying device. Doing so ensures current information is referenced. Using a magnetic stripe, proximity chip, or other technology is preferred; confirming a person record in Banner or a UIN record in our database is also acceptable.

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