When goods or services are purchased using a payment card and a refund is necessary, the refund must be credited to the same payment card account used for that purchase. Credit card transactions should be refunded to the original credit card. Under no circumstances is it permissible to issue a payment card refund for cash, check, or a wire transfer. A refund must never exceed the original payment amount. To process a refund, follow the procedure applicable to the technology used for processing (Terminal, point of sale, or e-Commerce or online).

If any part of a payment is non-refundable, the unit merchant must declare this fact in a written no refund or cancellation policy to that customer before the refund is processed. In addition, the customer must provide a means of acknowledgement (his or her signature) that they understand and accept the refund terms.

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Who to Contact

e-Commerce (online) refunds are processed by Merchant Card Services. Send payment card transaction requests to Merchant Card Services Please include in the email message:

  • Transaction id or Reference id
  • Reconciliation account, (your department's merchant CFOAP)
  • Amount to be refunded

Terminal or Point of Sale refunds are processed at the terminal or register by the merchant department.