Medical Professional Liability

The medical professional liability self-insurance program covers health professionals for claims of bodily injury, personal injury, or damages arising out of professional services. “Insured persons” for medical liability include employees, medical and dental residents, and students in the health professions. In some cases, coverage may extend to volunteers. In all instances, coverage is contingent upon the insured person acting within the scope of their University of Illinois duties.

This plan, its limits, and its coverage are detailed in the Liability Self-Insurance Plan (PDF). Only by approval of the Board of Trustees of the University of Illinois may Plan language be changed.

Insured Persons

Here are some examples of the persons and professional services covered:

  • A faculty member obtains clinical privileges at another institution, performs clinical services at such institutions, and charges a professional fee through a university billing arrangement.
  • Medical and dental residents who perform clinical assignments and rotations.
  • Students in the health professions who act within the scope of the duties assigned to them by the U of I system for completing their degree, including when they participate in an approved practicum.
  • The system enters into a fully executed revenue-generating agreement with another facility that engages the professional services of a U of I clinical service faculty member. That institution compensates the system based on the terms of this contract.

In some conditions and subject to guidelines, volunteers may be covered. The Dean of the relevant college must acknowledge and approve of a written agreement  that outlines the volunteer's duties and responsibilities. Risk Management encourages questions and collaboration to determine a volunteer’s status and coverage.

There are limits and exceptions to coverage! Under no circumstances does the system provide medical malpractice coverage to an individual receiving compensation directly from another entity for clinical activities. In addition, when an “insured person” is providing clinical services at locations not owned, leased in whole or in part, or under the sole control of the system, the self-insurance plan limits coverage to $1 million per occurrence and $3 million in the aggregate.

Type of Coverage

Coverage is “occurrence,” meaning the coverage attaches based on the date of the occurrence and not when the claim is made. No “tail” coverage is necessary when the medical malpractice coverage type is occurrence.

Requesting Proof of Coverage

In accordance with OBFS policy, Risk Management is the only office permitted to issue evidence or proof of coverage. Requests from other contracting parties related to the University of Illinois' insurance programs must be directed to Risk Management. You may submit an online Request for Proof of Medical Professional Liability Coverage form, accessed from the OBFS Risk Management Forms page.

Reporting a Claim

To report a claim, a potential claim, or the receipt of a subpoena associated with medical professional liability, please contact the Office of Claims Management at 312-996-6516.

Who to Ask