Public Injury or Property Damage Claims

When someone alleges that a university or other system entity has caused them a personal injury or has damaged their property, that situation could present a liability claim against the U of I System. When you become aware of such a claim or if someone presents a liability claim, refer to the Claims Management office that serves your university. Claims Management offices for each university review all claims and determine liability.

However, if university or system property is damaged, Risk Management reviews those claims. See the Property Insurance page for instructions and details.

Units are obligated to comply with these claims-related bans:

  • Never should any department, college, or other unit within the system undertake the investigation or settlement of claims against the U of I System.
  • Under no circumstances should any department, college, or other unit within the system pay money to settle a claim without the express approval of their university’s Claims Management office or the Office of University Counsel.

Reporting a Public Injury or Property Damage

When operating a facility open to the public, there is a risk of bodily injury or property damage. When an incident occurs, you and/or your staff should file a Public Injury or Property Damage report form, provided below.

Please discontinue use of all versions prior to October 2015.

These report forms are used to gather information surrounding an injury or damage that occurred. The details provided assist the Claims Management offices in their investigations.

Witness or Department Responsibility

When you witness or learn of an incident, you are obligated to:

  • Assess the situation and contact appropriate authorities as needed.
  • Document the incident using the campus-specific report form (links provided above).
  • Assist the injured party or claimant with the appropriate form and direct them to the office that handles claims.
  • Answer questions, if possible, or direct them elsewhere. For example, if an injured party asks “What is the university going to do about this?” your response would be, “The appropriate Claims Management office will ultimately work with you to reach a conclusion. Meanwhile, let's gather all the necessary information to document this incident, to help speed the process along. Any questions should be directed to Claims Management.” 
  • Submit the report form immediately to the office indicated on the form. 

Claims Management's Responsibility

Our offices are required and motivated to:

  • Investigate the incident to determine if the system is legally responsible.
  • Communicate with the claimant or injured party as permitted by law.
  • Notify the appropriate personnel if safety issues are identified.

Who to Ask