Special Events

Use of University Premises and Facilities

University premises and facilities are available for use by individuals or organizations for purposes relating directly to the University's regular educational or research programs. Review the rules and regulations for use at the following sites:

Any individual(s) or organization wishing to use University premises or facilities for any other purpose must obtain approval from the appropriate campus authorities. Questions relating to such usage should be directed to the applicable campus Facilities/Scheduling Office.

The University requires outside organizations and individuals using University premises and/or facilities to maintain liability insurance and other insurance as necessary to reasonably protect the University's financial interests, and in amounts deemed adequate by the University. In order to protect the University's interests and other parties as necessary, the University may require a Certificate of Insurance prior to the commencement of any scheduled event.

Insurance may be obtained using any insurance broker. Two vendors are available on the Tenants and Users Liability Insurance Policy (TULIP) page of this site.