Tenants and Users Liability Insurance Policy (TULIP)

The University of Illinois System does not want to be exposed to undue liability risk for allowing groups and individuals to use its facilities and premises. Certain activities that present liability risk may require the user or tenant to provide evidence of liability protection.
Groups or individuals that want to use U of I system facilities and premises must first receive approval from the appropriate Facility or Scheduling office or the unit whose property or facility they want to use. These university-level offices are as follows:
Once conditional approval is granted for use of the desired facilities, the group or individual may be asked to show evidence of liability insurance with a minimum limit of $1,000,000.

Insurance Provider Options

Outside entities may contact a local insurance broker to find liability coverage. Insurance for approved events may be purchased from any insurance carrier that meets the standards set by Risk Management. The system also offers access to the Tenants and Users Liability Insurance Policy (TULIP) offerings from two vendors: Marsh, and Arthur J. Gallagher.
The Marsh and Gallagher policies are for outside entities and individuals that want to use University of Illinois premises and that may not otherwise have liability insurance. The Gallagher program is intended solely for external users of campus facilities. The Marsh Program can be used for on- and off-campus facilities.
These policies protect both the facility user and the U of I against claims by third parties who may be injured as a result of participating in an event. Both programs are designed to facilitate the purchase of coverage for an event, and they may be a less expensive option to acquiring a policy on an annual basis. The cost and availability of liability insurance under these programs is based on several factors, including the nature of the event, the duration of the event, and the anticipated number of participants.
Please note, if you are using Housing Dining Services or a vendor from the Insured Caterers' List (PDF) you do not need to purchase liquor liability coverage through the TULIP.

Getting Cost Estimates

To determine the availability and cost of insurance available visit either vendor's website.

Marsh (Mercer's Campus Connexions)

  1. Visit www.campus.connextions.com and select your university in the "Find Your School" list. The page display refreshes to show the available products.
  2. Choose Liability Insurance, then choose Event Liability, and then choose Special Event Liability.
  3. Click on the APPLY NOW button and proceed.

Arthur J. Gallagher (Urmia TULIP plus)

  1. Visit https://tulip.ajgrms.com.
  2. Click on the Quick Quote tab.
  3. Select the state in which the event will be held.
  4. Select the location, and choose The University of Illinois option.
  5. Move to the Search for your location by code field and enter the appropriate location code from the following Location Codes list.
  6. Continue through the Get a Quote paged process.

Location Codes
3897  Board of Trustees the University Illinois
3898  Division of Intercollegiate Athletics
3899  Memorial Stadium
3900  Activities and Recreation Center
3901  Krannert Center for the Performing Arts
4486  Alice Campbell Alumni Center
3902  University of Illinois at Springfield, Public Affairs Center
3903  University of Illinois at Chicago, Pavilion
3904  University of Illinois at Chicago, Ofc of Classroom Scheduling
3905  University of Illinois at Chicago, Forum

In most cases, approval for a policy will be given immediately. In these instances, the cost will be displayed and payment by credit card requested. Payment is the sole responsibility of the group or individual purchasing the policy.

It's not uncommon for an insurance underwriter to require additional information . The review process may take up to ten business days to complete. The corresponding insurance vendor will notify you when a decision has been made.

When coverage is provided by Marshal or Gallagher, confirmation will be sent directly to the Office of Risk Management.

Who to Ask